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We are a united global gathering of men
The purpose of Men of Honor RISING is to unite men globally to be a tribe, a culture or space where men can live and grow in INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY, AND SUCCESS.
This is what we do
Each session will be an opportunity for us to develop inside of what I call “The 5 Pillars of Transformation” AKA 5 Abilities.
Awareness, Communication, Generation, Achievement, Fulfillment
  • 1. AWARENESS: Fundamentally, we ARE an Awareness Unit/The Observer that is a CAUSE capable of producing effects. In this pillar we develop our ability to be aware of the relationship of our Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings & Sensations, Actions, Results, and the Meaning we give them all.

  • 2. COMMUNICATION: There is an art and science to speaking and listening that few of us ever learned. Communication literally creates our reality and this ability can either create endless suffering or connection and influence with ourselves and our relationships.

  • 3. GENERATION: Here we practice turning ON at will. We learn to generate a wide range of emotions and physiological conditions that bring about greater energy, inner peace, and freedom of self-expression.

  • 4. ACHIEVEMENT: This pillar is where we focus on WHAT we want, WHY we want it, and HOW we can achieve it. It includes setting up accountability partners to ensure our follow through.

  • 5. FULFILLMENT: Our achievements are empty if we aren't aligned with our core purpose, don't know how to give and receive acknowledgement and appreciation, or meet our need for contribution to others. We'll also practice creating the meaning and emotions that anchor us in joy and peace.
Integrity means wholeness. It's integrating the rejected or denied aspects of ourselves and being fully engaged with the development of SELF, BUSINESS, and our LIFESTYLE. It is operating from a sense of real power and a deep connection with LIFE.
Authenticity means freedom to TELL THE TRUTH. We give up compensating or trying to survive some old wounds and self defeating beliefs. It's GETTING REAL with ourselves and others. We  stop pretending and regain our power and freedom.
Success means living PURPOSEFULLY and getting results based on being aligned with what LIFE is up to. It means living for more than just ourselves. It is living for our relationship, our groups, all humanity, all of life, and even the spiritual BEING we ARE.
 What Member's Say
"Thank you! I was struggling for the past 2 days, today was watching Netflix all day long, beating myself up and when I joined the call something about hearing others share their struggles and being in the community made me feel connected and understand that I’m not going through this alone. After the call, I started doing my French lessons and feeling great that I’m able to get this done during times when it’s the last thing I want to do. You reached out during perfect time! Thanks a lot." - Val
"MHR has been safe and powerful space to witness myself and others vulnerably! And a powerful place to reflect and and connect deeply! Vince offers thoughtful, skilled  reflections, insights, wisdom, and tools to enhance our lives, as do all of the other brothers. This a space where deep healing and inspiration can happen, just by showing up, and being willing to listen deeply and communicate openly. I always feel energized and inspired during and after after our calls, and I'm excited about the next call... I feel so much gratitude for this group, and look forward to seeing it expand, while witnessing each and all of us help each other expand into and remember our power." -  Russ
"Attending last week felt like one of the best decisions of my life afterwards! It was a challenge to show up, but exercising that vulnerability and trust and seeing other men do that, it was game changing!I appreciate you and the guys, and definitely I will be a regular as often as I can!" - Michael
Join The Online Gatherings
Register for any of our Zoom Video gatherings FREE:

Thursday at 8pm EST

Sunday at 8pm EST
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